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Saturday, August 4, 2018
Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman: If we feel that Syria has reached relative stability, we will leave the country

Qasemi: Iran's interests office will soon be launched in Saudi Arabia
If we feel that Syria has reached relative stability, we will leave the
Pupils Association News Agency (Iranian) Saturday, August 13, 1397 - 07:51
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We stay in Syria

Question: One of the issues that Israel and the United States, and in
particular Israel, are trying to achieve, is the Iranian withdrawal from
Syria. The issue of the agreement between Russia and Israel on the
withdrawal of Iran from northern Syria has so far been addressed several
times in various ways, especially by the Western media, although Russia has
so far refused to do so, but is it in the negotiations between Tehran and
Moscow in the form of There is a constant debate about Israel's request or
an agreement on this between Tel Aviv and Moscow, and has it negotiated with

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qasemi: We are entering Syria at
the request of the Syrian government and as long as the Syrian government
wants to be in this country. Our serious goal, in addition to the Syrian
government's demand for the fight against terrorism, is that when we feel
that Syria is approaching a relative stabilization and that the fight
against terrorism has come to an end and that much of the success has been
achieved, we can definitely appreciate it. Syria to drop or get out.

Our entry to Syria was not at the request of another country that we would
leave today at the request of another Syrian state. We clearly identify our
interests and interests and move towards our own interests, just as the
Russian government follows its interests all over the world.

We had the same points and spaces with the Russian Federation, including
cooperation in the fight against terrorism and the presence in Syria, which,
of course, has Russian forces operating in Syria, and we have contingent
forces. Finally, we organized good co-operation.

As an independent state, Russia can regulate its relations with the rest of
the world in a way that serves the interests of this country, as this right
exists for us and is being acted upon.

We have held consultations and consultations and frequent contacts with
Syria, Russia and Turkey in the Syrian debate, and we will continue to do so
as long as necessary. We had the threshold of 10 this time in Sochi and
this cooperation continues.

Everything that is heard today from some of the Zionist media or other media
and corporations and circles, within the framework of the same serious
military-terrorist conflict that comes into the face of Iran and Iran's
foreign relations along with other economic pressures and pressures on
Iranian public opinion, I think and think The purpose of these circles is to
find and act on a destructive factor for cooperative and cooperative views,
and the effective work of Iran and Russia.

Question: As much as the psychological warfare is the cause of such an
approach, Russia has also shown in the past that it can not be a permanent
partner of Iran. Will Iran put all its eggs in the Russian basket or a
strategic partner if it disregards Iran's interests?

In the Iranian society there was a perversion to the Soviet Union. Today,
we are not facing the Soviet Union, and today we are faced with a country
from the 15 countries that have built this alliance that is the largest and
most powerful of them. Therefore, we should distinguish between the Soviet
Union and Russia, and that Iran, too, has not gone by and should be

I do not want to argue about whether our relationship is strategic or
strategic, and that it's basically a kind of strategic relationship in the
classical definition. But in the end, whether we want or not, we must have
good relations with Russia as a neighbor that has regional power. We must
have balanced and balanced relations with all our neighbors and surrounding
countries, and we can not want a stable, stable and developed region and
have unequal relations with our neighbors. Russia is one of our neighbors
who is not going to move from this region to another region, and we are not
supposed to move Iran to another land. We need to live together. There are
similarities and history of the past that bind us, and in addition, as an
independent state, one can name Russia; of course, they naturally follow
their interests as well as others.

We will not share positions with Russia and other neighbors as much as one
hundred percent. And as close as possible, we will certainly have
disagreements and tastes on some issues and issues that are 100 percent
normal and understandable...

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