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Sunday, March 31, 2024
Message by Chaggai Luber whose son Jonathan was killed in Gaza to the parents of the hostages who called for intensifying the struggle against the Government

Message by Chaggai Luber whose son Jonathan was killed in Gaza to the parents of the hostages who called for intensifying the struggle against the Government

Nobody will burn my country.
We are tired o f the threats of extremists.
Yes, even if these extremists have relatives in Gaza.
You will not burn the country.
That's out of the question.
And if I have to fight you, I will fight.
Millions of people look at you in disbelief, disapproval, shock,
And only out of respect to you, they are silent.
I will not be silent.
My son was killed in Gaza.
Went to protect and free your children, and was killed
Left everything, left behind a pregnant wife and a nine-month-old child, and was killed
He won't come back again. Not in any deal.

And so I am allowed to tell you:
You must not break up the country.
You must not go wild.
You are not allowed to block roads.
You must not confront the police.
You must not call for people to refuse to serve.
You are not allowed to shake police cars.
You must not try to break into the Prime Minister's house.

The fact that your children are captives in Gaza,
It hurts, it's unfortunate, it cuts us all from the inside,
This will make me send again the three sons I have left, to fight, and to risk their lives for them.

But this does not give you any special righ ts:
You have no right to 'take your gloves off'.
You have no right to curse the elected officials.
You have no right to scream “shame”.
You have no right to violate public order.
You have no right to block Ben Gurion Airport.
You have no right to declare a strike in the economy.
You have no such right.

Restrain yourselves - Do you hear?

Express your opinion - but don't shout.
Say that we must have an agreement now – and don’t block the roads.
Say an everyone for everyone deal - and don't call for a rebellion.
Say that the Knesset is not allowed to go on recess - and don't threaten,
Say that Bibi must be replaced - and don't light fires,
Say that elections must be held now - and don't you dare attack the Knesset.
Say that everyone failed - and don't even think about the possibility of a coup.

Stop threatening this nation.
This is your opinion. We heard Don't force it.

Want to hear my opinion too?
In my opinion, Jonathan was killed because of the Oslo Accords, which some of you supported.
In my opinion, Jonathan was killed because of the withdrawal from Gaza, which some of you enc ouraged.
With signs supporting the withdrawal at the entrances of kibbutzim.

And yet,
I don't scream at you in the streets,
I'm not blocking your way,
I don't refuse an order,
I don't money my money abroad,
I do not curse your elected officials who still support all these disasters.
I send and will send my son to fight.
I will support and obey any elected government, even if its opinion differs from mine.
I don't think I have the right to destroy this beloved country.

Because now we are fighting,
Because now we are recovering.
Because now we are joining together.
Now is the time to turn outward together.
This is the time to show love to each other.

And to the Kaplanists, to the Brothers in Arms, to the Baraks, to the Olmerts who always wanted to overthrow Bibi, I say,
Don't take a ride on the pain of the families.
Take it back.

And know our dear families of the kidnapped,
We have not forgotten your relatives, our brothers,
We have not forgotten and we will not forget.
But enough.
Stop for the sake of God’s sake , for the sake of the people, for the sake of victory.

And if not,
I and others will be there.
Bereaved families, IDF wounded, and kidnapped families who think differently,
We will stand together against anarchy,
And we will not give it to you.
Simply no.

I call on people from the right and the left who want to join me in the fight against violent struggle, creative campaigners, fundraisers.
Contact me privately here,
Together we will build a moral force, values, that will stand aga inst this madness, and not with their methods.

Sign up for the struggle against the violent talk and protests:.

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